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Sent by email July 6, 2005

Hi, I have had my Nada-Chair ever since my 2nd back surgery. It was given to me by the physical therapy department at the hospital. To this day, six years later, I would never want to be without one.

I have now had my fifth back surgery and am still using it every day. I put in many hours sitting for my work as a medical transcriptionist and this does, as it states, take your back pain away. I have recommended it to many of my friends.

I've printed out the material from your website and today and going to tell my mother-in-law about it as she broke a bone in her back and is suffering every day. I know she will want one of these.

My daughter who is in AZ has 3 disks out in her back and has been suffering for over a year now, after her first surgeon operated on the wrong disk. Such a mishap. I will most likely purchase one for her in the near future.

It is truly the best product I have ever purchased.


Sally from Wisconsin

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