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Our NEW all-natural cotton and hemp line of products insures that you are being as soft on the environment as the new fabric will be on you. Our vests are no longer stone-washed. This, to maximize the fabric life of your new products.


Natural Back-Up
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Natural SportBacker
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As a company founded for healthcare solutions, we are always looking for new ways we can better care for the health of our planet. Seeking more natural materials in our manufacturing, finding ways to minimalize our packaging, to do our part in slowing the ecological degradation of our planet.

Our natural line opens with the most popular of our products: the Back-Up ($90), S'portBacker($70) and ActiVest ($140) in hemp/cotton blends that are both durable, comfortable and attractive. The new natural Back-Up and S'portBacker are $10 more than their standard supports.The ActiVest has an integrated back support which is removable so that can be used independently of the vest. Click on the links above for more details one each product... or simply click the order links to add them to the shopping cart.

Khaki Vest
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